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Thinking About Relocating to Washington? Here are 5 Things You Need to Know

Known to locals as Wilkes-Washington, the city of Washington has a population of 4,000 and is located in the heart of Wilkes County, GA. Approximately one hundred miles east of Atlanta, Washington is the only city on the journey from Augusta to Athens. This allows for easy commuting for the residents of Washington, with less than an hour's drive to multiple major urban centers. Neighborhoods in Washington are suburban, with beautiful wooded areas, lots of open space, and plenty of privacy. The Washington housing market has grown in recent years and has some beautiful homes available for purchase. If you have been thinking about relocating to Washington, here are five things you need to know before you get started.

1. Washington is centrally located

Washington lies in the heart of Central Georgia and is the gateway to many larger communities such as Athens, Atlanta, and Augusta. U.S. Route 78 passes through downtown Washington to connect to Atlanta in the Northwest. It is the only major roadway between Athens and Augusta. In addition to good highway access, Washington also has access to multiple airports. Washington-Wilkes County Airport and Thomson-McDuffie Regional Airport provide local service, while Hartsfield Atlanta International Airport is only sixty minutes away in Atlanta. With such a central location, the residents of Washington can enjoy the benefits of country living while still being close to major urban centers.

2. Historical significance

Washington was settled in the mid-1700s and was the first town named in honor of General George Washington. Wilkes County was the site of several key battles during the American Revolutionary War. Wilkes County was the most populated county in Georgia at the time Washington was named the state Capital in 1804. Eventually, the capital was moved to Atlanta and has remained there ever since. Inventor Eli Whitney engineered the cotton gin in Washington in 1794. Washington is a vital part of American history with four historic districts and two national historic landmarks. Washington contains many examples of unique architecture, featuring more plantation-style colonial homes than any other city in Georgia. Tours of these historic locations are available and can be a great way to experience the rich history of this part of America.

3. Weather and outdoor activities

With short winters, cool autumns, and warm summers, Georgia has a moderate climate with very few instances of extreme weather. Summers rarely reach temperatures above the low 90s, and average lows in winter are in the mid-30s and 40s. Springtime is the best time to experience the outdoors in Georgia. Visitors enjoy many outdoor activities such as camping and hiking and touring one of the many botanical gardens and parks. There is always something new to experience throughout each season. The State Botanical Gardens of Georgia is located just outside Athens, about twenty minutes north of Washington. This botanical garden has over 300 acres of green space featuring a wide selection of flower gardens, local citrus trees, and greenhouses.  A series of well-groomed trails and concrete walkways make for a great day hike around the garden. Ranking as one of the top botanical gardens in the state, visitors travel from all over to visit these exhibits every season.

With such great weather, it's no wonder that agriculture and forestry are two of the top industries in Washington. Georgia is home to the most acreage of timber in the United States. Essential forestry industries provide many jobs in Georgia. Processing wood-based products such as furniture and paper is a $36 billion business in Georgia, providing over 55k jobs for residents. Georgia is known as the peach state due to its reputation as one of the best places to grow trees and produce year-round.

4. Cost of living in Washington

The cost of living in Wilkes County is significantly below the national average. Housing costs are, on average, 30% less expensive than the rest of the country, while 76% of residents own their homes. Wilkes County also has some of the lowest property taxes in the state.

Manufacturing, retail trade, and health services industries employ the largest number of residents. New construction is on the rise, with an average of 50 new properties built per year. For basic supplies such as groceries, fuel, and transportation costs, Washington ranks 82%, placing it below average in all categories. With cheaper costs of goods, housing, and property taxes, most expenses should be lower for new residents.

5. Washington local restaurants

One thing that is certain in Georgia is that people take their cooking seriously. Neighbors, friends, and visitors are often greeted by a warm welcome and a home-cooked meal. If you are looking for Southern homestyle cooking, Washington has some great options. Local favorite Padgett's Country Kitchen serves up classics such as fried chicken with homemade gravy, country-style ham, and fresh-baked cornbread. Located off Highway 47, Padgett’s is the go-to stop for diners who want great soul food but don’t want to travel far. Be sure to top off your meal with some fresh-brewed sweet tea when you visit.

Another place for great soul food is Rachel's Southern Style Restaurant. Located in Watkinsville just outside Athens, Rachel’s always gets rave reviews, and locals know the food is well worth the drive. Here you can find Southern classics served in hearty portions, such as meatloaf and black-eyed peas, served with a side of collard greens.

Washington, GA Real Estate

Many neighborhoods in Wilkes-Washington are wooded, secluded, and private. You can find homes from many different styles, including colonial, Queen Anne, and plantation-style homes. Smaller single-story homes and properties are also available. Washington is known for its rich Southern traditions, historic architecture, and friendly neighborhoods. It’s no wonder that many people are finding their dream homes in areas like Washington, GA.

If you are interested in homes for sale in Washington or have questions about Washington real estate, please reach out to trusted local agent Jenny Reville. J Brand Realty features exceptional agents local to the area who are excited to help you not only find your dream home but feel at home.

Jenny  Brown Reville

Jenny Brown Reville

Broker | Owner

About the Author

Jenny grew up the daughter of a forester and Realtor in rural Washington, Georgia. Her love for people and land came at an early age when she began following her father’s footsteps in the woods. Those times led to a lifelong passion of being in the familiar woodlands surrounding her home. Evenings at home revolved around conversations of family, land, and homes.

Jenny was educated at Young Harris College and received her Bachelor’s of Forestry at the University of Georgia. She came home to work with her father and has continued to do so since 1996. In 2000 Jenny began her real estate career and built a clientele ranging from local owners to the Wall Street traded titans of timberland. Jenny resides in her beloved Wilkes County with her family.

Jenny’s longtime career in rural towns and agricultural communities in Wilkes & surrounding counties make her the go to broker for sellers and buyers in Northeast Georgia. Her clients benefit from her wide array of firsthand knowledge in timberland management, cattle operations, and smalltown life. 

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